My Pit Stop in the PR World

Whoever taught me internships involved getting coffee, running errands, and doing chores didn’t do an internship at AlexanderG Public Relations. My short time at AGPR has come to a close, but I just got here, right? Over the past 2 weeks, I have had the pleasure of being, not an intern, but an “assistant account executive” here. Now, its time to get back to the reality of college. Although I may have had a brief visit to AGPR, I have learned so much about the wonderful world of Public Relations. Here are a few lessons I learned…

PR is the perfect place for me. People always worry whether they are choosing the right major, and constantly wonder what to do as a career. Having this experience during my sophomore year of college has made me realize that I am on the right path. They say “if you love what you are doing its not work” and I have felt that way during the last few weeks. I can definitley picture myself as a Public Relations Professional.

Creativity is key. For example, when I was asked to write a press release. I wrote strictly using the facts. But when I talked to Alex about it, he suggested that I be a little more creative. The first part of a press release is just like a lead in a news story; it has to draw people in. Also, headlines and titles can make or break your press releases, blogs or stories. Be original and catchy. This is something I am looking forward to working on.

Build your social media. Especially in the PR field, it is not useless to spend time tweeting, making Facebook friends, blogging, and organizing your Pinterest boards. It’s highly encouraged. As technology has changed over the years, social media and social networking have become a very important way of interacting with people. And…if I end up interviewing to run social media for a company someday, they will be glad to see that I have an idea of what I’m doing.

Interns can raise the bar. I’m not typically one to brag, but I was informed this morning that my second blog post for AlexG PR broke the record for number of hits in one day. The previous record was 103 and my blog post “A Message From the Girl Who Thought She ‘Knew It All'” shattered the record with 127 hits in one day. Of course when I first wrote the blog I thought – Oh this is dumb, I doubt anyone will read it. – So I am very proud of myself!

I had a blast doing this internship. Thanks Alex, Noah and Erica for all that you taught me in such a short time. Watch out for more lessons I learned on sometime next week!


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